What You Can Expect:

Over these 2 days with Heidi and the other women, you will have an opportunity to get personalized coaching on your business. This is an intimate experience in Heidi's home, surrounded by other women making an impact, making the money and supporting you to breakthrough anything that is holding you back to do the same.

Heidi has lead teams of 50 in the real estate space, she has had multiple 6 figure launches in the coaching industry,, she has lead countless successful in person events and recently launched a community. She is a mom of two and knows what it takes to have both a personal and professional life.  

Heidi leads her live events from an intuitive place. The Empowered Entrepreneur will allow time for the participants to receive one-on-one support, an opportunity to get "hot seat" coaching from Heidi and for you to do group work to elevate and empower your personal and professional life. This is a powerful experience and an opportunity that you don't want to miss.  

Who is this for?

The Empowered Entreprenuer event is for any woman that is currently running an entrepreneurial business and who wants to expand, go to their next level, and create a plan on how to do that. It is for the women entreprenuer who desires to scale up, is willing to do the soulful work required to open up and experience the best verisons of themselves. If you have questions of if this is for you or not, please sign up for a call here to ask your questions. 

"I wasn't sure how I was going to feel being in a community of women, how to be open and share. But after this experience with Heidi and these women I feel so clear on my next steps. I feel this lightness that it can be easy and it can be fun. Life isn't meant to be work, work, work it's supposed to feel good. Making money is great and amazing but it's also about creating a life you desire to live. Stepping away from this experience I feel creative, free, expansive and I can't wait for the next one".

- Brittnee Lippert, Esthetician

Let's Talk Details...

Our live event will kick off on Wednesday, October 23 where we will dive deep into the work at Heidi's home near Venice Beach. We start at 9am and wrap around 6pm. On our final day, Thursday, October 24, we gather from 9am - 3pm.  

Please note that ending times are approximate. Please leave space for the full day as we sometimes go over depending on the group dynamic. Lunch, small bites and refreshments will be provided on both days.  


Payment Plan

3 investments of: 

$475 Regular Pricing  

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1 investment of: 

$1195 Regular Pricing  

Where to Stay?

We recommend that you stay on the westide of Los Angeles to be close proximty to Heidi's home. Anywhere in Venice, Mar Vista, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey or Culver City are closeby. 

Here are a few hotels for your consideration:  

Air Hotel Venice ($158/night) Hotel MDR, Marina Del Rey ($249/night) Airbnb is always a great option. (starting at $85)

*Please feel free to post on the Facebook group to find a buddy to share a room with if you'd like!  

Hi there, I'm Heidi Stevens, activator and spiritual business mentor.

Founder of The Soul of Business Podcast, Thrive, The Mindful Business Accelerator (MBA), and The Feminine Collective. Over the past two years, I've had the honor to personally mentor over 300 women through my programs, and touch many more lives through speaking, podcasting and cultivating community.  

My former life was in commercial real estate, where I found myself having a lot of “success” but grappling with how to be a woman in a male dominated industry. Experiencing a health challenge early on, I went on a personal development journey and spiritual quest that led me to many healers, gurus and ultimately receiving my masters in Spiritual Psychology in 2014. I was simultaneously building a multiple 7 figure real estate company while doing this inner work and while I was beginning to find glimpses of inner peace, life still felt divided.  

As I continued on my journey, I noticed that the more I leaned into meditation, mindset work, manifestation  

exercises,and the deeper feminine work, the more successful my business became. I attracted my partner and found myself co-creating experiences and attracting things in all areas of my life. I realized just how closely business strategy, spirituality and my mindset were aligned, and I knew it was time for me to share this content with other women.  

I am a mom of two little ones. I am a wife, a friend, sister, daughter. I am a lover of life and travel and and committed to experiencing life to the fullest. I look forward to supporting you in using more femininity and spiritually aligned principles to both grow your business and create a life full of meaning, joy and true happiness.  

See what other women are saying about being in Heidi's Community...


"I joined Heidi’s group because she was clearly killing it as a new business owner and connecting with creatives in my area. I wanted to do the same! She challenged me to dig much deeper though, and I unlocked major financial and emotional blockages that I wasn’t even aware of. Heidi’s gift is the ability to align our spiritual calling to create and connect with our desire to live comfortably. She lives this herself and truly thrives in sharing the tools to do so with others."

Hylah Hedgepeth, Photographer


"It's been two years since I started working with Heidi and I've gone through a lot of her programs and she has helped me become this elevated version of myself. In her live events she just make you feel like you can pull yourself out of your body and see who you really are."

Elizabeth McNevin, Social Media Strategist


"Being a member of Heidi's community and participating in her retreats is an amazing opportunity to network with empowered women. Having the opportunity to connect like this and get my questions answered in this environment has been truly transformational." 

Angelica Ray, Intuitive Coach

It's time for us to gather, and for you to experience the up-level! 

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