Thrive. It's time for your new normal.

A five month group coaching program for the creative female entrepreneur ready to master her business skills; create a consistent and tailor-made marketing plan; step into the role of an empowered feminine entrepreneur; and create a purposeful business that aligns with her life.


You are juggling multiple roles at all times and it feels like you are barely keeping your head above water. You have either been at this for awhile now, or perhaps you recently left your corporate gig to throw your hat in the entrepreneurial game; or maybe you took a break for maternity leave and never went back. Either way, your business (and life) are looking very different these days and things aren't quite happening the way you thought they would.  

But you know deep down that there is a successful entrepreneur inside you. You know that your side hustle has real potential, but you're just not quite sure of the next steps.

Does this sound familiar?

Your to-do list just keeps getting longer and you find yourself in a constant state of overwhelm. You keep trying to create space for your business and clients, and yet it keeps getting pushed aside.

You’ve watched a few people build successful (and profitable) businesses, and you know that it’s possible for you too, it just feels like you are constantly one step behind.

When it comes to marketing, you’re taking action, but you aren’t sure exactly how to convert your following into clients.

You’ve heard quite a bit about the importance of starting an email list, and you know you should, but the thought of getting it started, how to do it, and what to say feels overwhelming, so you keep pushing it to the backburner.

You also know you should be hiring support of some kind, but again, it all just feels a bit overwhelming. You aren’t sure where to start, what they would do, or where to find them.

You know there is something to this 'mindfulness' and 'manifestating' work, but you’re not sure how to directly apply it to your everyday work, and honestly, who has the time to devote to it when there are so many other things to do!

When you do find time for work, you absolutely love everything about it! And yet, somehow, it doesn’t feel like you are being compensated enough for all the time, energy, and love you give to it and your clients.

Since doing Thrive there has been a lightness around my business. Clients are coming to me now. I feel intentional and confident in my business! I would accept any challenge to find someone better than Heidi! 


I had a major milestone, my first $25k month! Woohoo! Working with Heidi definitely started me down an important road this year and helped me see what was holding me back. It was such a valuable part of my work last year and my business has changed a lot, in a wonderful way, because of it.


Heidi gives you the confidence to go in there and build your packages and charge your worth. Having someone be able to guide you in this way really changed things for me.


Where do I begin? Going into this, I honestly don't think I fully realized how much my self doubt, bad habits, limiting beliefs and fear were getting in the way of my success. In working with Heidi and being a part of the group, I have been given such invaluable advice, guidance and the push/support I've been needing for years to run my business confidently. I just closed 4 clients and had a $7700 week, and 2 $10k+ months in a row!



is created for you if...

You have been working at your business, but don't quite know the steps you need to reach the next level. We certainly can have it all, but we can't do it all! And, we'd also add, we can't know it all. Which is why we turn to others to support us, to mentor us, to show us the path and steps we need!

You are a hard worker! As the saying goes, action begets action. Running a business takes real work, and the same is true of Thrive. You are ready to get uncomfortable in order to experience major growth.

You know there has to be another way to success that doesn't involve being constantly #burntout. There is! We promise you.

You are passionate, but perhaps don't fully know your WHY... or your ideal client. You are ready for your message to be put out there! You just need to understand the goal isn't to reach everyone, it's to reach the right someone! Let's start out together on the right foot.


I accomplished all my goals because of Thrive. I almost doubled my monthly income after Thrive. And even beyond that, I feel so comfortable and confident in myself. I’m not scared anymore to put myself out there. Being in Thrive truly changed my life. My heart is more open and my business is now thrivng.


She took me from stuck, overworked, and underpaid by clients, to support set-up, and confident in my pricing. And that has allowed me to double my income! I was able to hire a team, have 18k months and growing, and take a weekend off. Which I have not been able to do in five years!


Thrive is for those people who are ready and seeking some way to reach the next level of their business. The moment Heidi started working with me, my entire perspective changed. My life changed, my business changed, and even my husband jumped on board and changed. I would do this a million times over.


It’s not a stretch for me to say that Thrive Business Coaching Program literally changed my life. My time in the program could be described as a simultaneous coming of age and a bit of spiritual awakening on top of a (loving) butt-kicking and a lot of wise, highly actionable insight into how to run your business properly. If you’re a female entrepreneur that’s open to really changing their mindset, Thrive is a huge asset to your business and life. The support of the group and the expertise of Heidi not only make you truly feel like you’re supported, but they also inspire and educate you. It’s so beneficial to be in such an inspiring and judgement-free zone. Thrive has helped me become more closely aligned to the business owner—and woman—that I want to be.


When I first started working with Heidi I was pricing mysef so low. But with the support of Thrive and Heidi I was able to call in my ideal client. After going through Thrive I was able to hit my first $10k month!


Before Thrive I had only three clients and no online presence. I knew my ideal client, but I had no clue how to attract new clients and run a business. Thrive helped me build a plan and gave me direction. I signed two new clients within the first few weeks joining Thrive!


I joined Heidi’s group because she was clearly killing it as a new business owner and connecting with creatives in my area. I wanted to do the same! She challenged me to dig much deeper though, and I unlocked major financial and emotional blockages that I wasn’t even aware of. Heidi’s gift is the ability to align our spiritual calling to create and connect with our desire to live comfortably. She lives this herself and truly thrives in sharing the tools to do so with others.


Before I started working with Heidi I was depressed. I was struggling and barely making it through each day. After meeting Heid I finally feel like I’m in control of my own life. She gave me the tools to believe in myelf and to reach higher levels.


It's time for you to Thrive.

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